Sensory Map Submission Guidelines

Sensory Map is a new way for us to share experiences from around the world. Using a mix medium of images, video, and atmospheric sounds, we want to transport you to these places. 

We are always on the lookout for the next feature in our Sensory Map series. If you have an experience that you would like us to feature, follow our submission guidelines below.


Sensory Map

Please read the requirements list below as well as our pitch guidelines carefully.

  • 5+ images or video files for each experience or location. We love seeing different perspectives! Consider each location or experience as one post on @madewithmap
  • 30 seconds of ambient audio file — these are the underlaying sounds that you hear: a bustling kitchen at work at a restaurant, a subway train rushing by, puddles splashing in the rain on a busy road, etc
  • 15 - 30 second audio file of your experience in your own words
  • Written copy of your voice audio file
  • All photos, video, and audio must be original content
  • Location should be specific, not a general area. For example, instead of "Melbourne" we would rather see the actual place name, street address, or lat/long coordinate. You can always drop a pin!
  • Upload as many experiences as possible so we have a big pool to choose from
  • Spread the word! If you see other photos or series that would be great for Sensory Map, comment to them and ask them to contribute. 

Once you're ready, fill out the form (below). We find that Dropbox or WeTransfer are best for sending larger files! Please make sure to compress your files into one ZIP folder.

Every submission is reviewed by an editorial team member at Map. Unfortunately we’re a tiny team, so we can’t respond to every Sensory Map and give personal feedback; we’re so sorry!

If your Sensory Map has piqued our interest, we will contact you directly.

Good luck!
The Map Editorial Team

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We find that Dropbox or WeTransfer are best for sending larger files! Please compress all your assets into one ZIP folder.