City Guide Submission Guidelines

We are always on the lookout for the next city to feature for our Weekend City Guides.
If you have a place that you would like us to feature, follow our submission guidelines below.

Our city guides have multiple contributors so we
can share different perspectives and stories of a place.

City Guide

Please read the attached document as well as our pitch guidelines carefully.

Upload 12+ places on your profile. Once we have enough submissions, we will schedule the City Guide.  

  • Check the Past City guides (below). If we've featured the city, it's likely that we won't feature the City again on our instagram account, however we could feature it for other hashtags.
  • Use the hashtag #mapxcityname.  See an example.
  • All photos must be original content for the City Guide. However, we do encourage mapping other photos (we always keep the source) for your personal use. 
  • Include a variety of your favorite places to eat, drink, shop and any other landmarks, photo-worthy spots you recommend.
  • Location on Map should be specific, not a general area. For example, to map a place to "Melbourne". We would rather see the actual place name, street address, or lat/long coordinate. You can always drop a pin! 
  • Add a caption about each location. Tell us about this place from your perspective. If you don't provide the caption, we'll ask for it, but having it gets our attention! 
  • Upload as many photos as possible so we have a big pool to choose from.
  • Feel free to upload multiple photos for one place. We love seeing different perspectives.
  • You do not have to be a local, although we do love that perspective! 
  • Spread the word! If you see other photos that would be great for the city guide, comment to them on Map and ask them to contribute. The more submissions we have, the more likely we'll schedule the City Guide. 

Once you're ready fill out the form (above) and submit your City Guide. 

Every submission is reviewed by an editorial team member at Map. Unfortunately we’re a tiny team, so we can’t respond to every City Guide and give personal feedback; we’re so sorry!

If your City Guide has piqued our interest, we will contact you through the website. Make sure to check your notifications. 

Good luck!
The Map Editorial Team

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