Map x Macao

If you look up field notes on Macao, most often you find the best casinos, grand hotels, and luxury shopping complexes. But as we discovered in our 5-day excursion, this little peninsula proved to be more charming than its high-rolling search engine results.

With just 11-square miles of land, Macao is an intersection of a handful of cultures. Along the southern coast of China, 40-minutes from Hong Kong, you can find Portuguese colonial architecture, African-spiced national dishes, and a wave of westernized contemporary businesses.

This is an excerpt from an original post made in collaboration with Zio and Sons.

It’s difficult to put your finger on what exactly Macao is. With landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Paul and faded gems like Long Wa Teahouse, there is a strong sense of history. But a stones throw away, greeted with the comforts of luxury hotels and world-class cuisine, there is a perception of a foreigner’s city. At its surface, Macao is a place where tourism rules first. But with just bit of wandering and and open eyes, at its core, Macao is a city of cultures—its own and adoptive—making it an individually fascinating place.