Map x London

There are few cities in the world with universal recognition such as London. The UK hub of economics, culture, and occasion, London carries with it a certain gravitas that truly needs no introduction. We spent a week there this fall and, while it's not our first visit, its vast size and expansive offering of galleries, shops, and restaurants, always keeps the city feeling brand new. 

Photo from @robjbye


Artist Residence

52 Cambridge Street
51.49051° N, 0.144871° W

A boutique hotel in the south-west neighbourhood of Pimlico, the Artist Residence London is but one of four unique locations in the AR portfolio in the UK. Located on a quiet residential street lined with 19th century Regency architecture, the AR London has just 10 beautifully situation rooms.

While we awaited check-in, we enjoyed a light breakfast of house-made sourdough with avocado and a pot of fresh ginger tea at The Cambridge Street Kitchen—the street level cafe next-door to the lobby. Nestled in a brightly lit corner, we watched patrons both local and from afar dig into plates from chef Elliot Miller and converse over coffee.

We stayed in the Grand Suite, an “eclectic luxury” room that welcomed us with a familiar ease. As we took a peek around the suite, our focus was immediately drawn to the bathroom. A spacious enclave outfitted with a double-basin marble counter and Catchpole and Rye soaking tub. If the bathroom was the room’s crown, then the tub was surly the crowning jewel.

Good Hotel

Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway
51.507694° N, 0.019097° E

For the second half of our trip, we journeyed east to the Good Hotel in the Docklands, a quiet waterfront neighbourhood. When we say waterfront, that's an understatement. A redesigned industrial floating platform, the Good Hotel sits at sea level: zero. Standing by wrap around windows gave the illusion of walking on water. A calm resided here despite being just 20 minutes from London centre. A welcomed feeling contrasting the often frenetic energy of London's sheer size.

With pockets of inviting space and approachable contemporary design, the aptly named “Living Room” area for guests felt like just that. On clear days with the sun peeking behind London’s stereotypical cloud cover, head upstairs to the Roof with it’s full bar and views of the River Thames. An impressive view too for a yoga practice, which the Good Hotel offers on weekday evenings and weekend mornings.

Good for the mind, good for the body, the Good Hotel London is in fact the property’s second location and part of a much bigger initiative. “The purpose is to extensively train locals for various jobs in the hospitality industry.” Job training and placement in London, a ways away the Good Hotel operates with NGO partner Niños de Guatemala too. For every night booked directly through their website, 5 GBP is donated. 




49 Frith Street
51.513606° N, 0.13168° W

With established restaurants such as the Michelin starred Gymkhana and popular Bao under their belt, Hoppers doesn’t escape what seems to be the Midas touch of siblings Karam, Sunaina, and Jyotin Sethi. As orders of claypot kukul maas, string hopper seafood kothu, and kalupol leave the kitchen diners are enveloped by tantalizing aromas and edible spectacles of delicate towering bowls of rice flour and coconut milk pancakes. 


5 Stable Street
51.536175° N, 0.125448° W

A highly praised recommendation from our friends at 12hrs, after reading their review, you too will high-tail it straight to Dishroom. “It has been modeled after the Bombay Cafés that flourished in the Indian city during the 1960s. Built by Persian immigrants, there were once almost 400 of them in Bombay, and they attracted everybody – from sweaty taxi drivers to businessmen and families. Dishoom wants to be as uncomplicated as these establishments, and it manages that with ease. The crowd is very diverse, and the décor reminds you of far-away places, with faded pictures on the wall and fans slowly turning on the ceiling. The food is outright fantastic!”


Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High St
51.52376° N, 0.076285° W

With its paired down and airy dining space, the food takes centre stage at Lyle’s in East London’s notoriously hip neighbourhood of Shoreditch. Relaxed and casual, the setting is unassuming for the fare you’re about to have. Awarded a deserved Michelin star in 2015, Lyle’s menu works with seasonal British produce in an elevated yet relaxed approach. With a young but deft roster both in the kitchen and front of house, if Lyle’s is an indication of London’s dining landscape, the future is looking bright. 


Store Studios

180 the Strand
51.512271° N, 0.114958° W

Encompassing an impressive 10 studio complex in the centre of London, the Store at 180 the Strand is a new meeting place for city’s art zealots. The home of London Fashion Week since its inception in 2016, it has previously hosted exhibitions with Louis Vuitton, Moving Museum and Punchdrunk. The space houses a mix of creative companies including Dazed Media, The Vinyl Factory, The Spaces and FACT magazine.

The Barbican

51.519092° N, 0.094079° W

With a world-class arts centre, the second-largest conservatory in London, public library, and YMCA, it’s no wonder why the Barbican is a place of congregation. Not to mention it stands as the leading example of brutalist architecture—both beautiful and daunting in it’s scale and glory. Developed during postwar 1960s and ‘70s as a means of affordable housing, it’s matured into something far greater. 

Koenig Books

80 Charing Cross Road
51.512727° N, 0.128691° W

A tight two-level corner shop in London’s West End Theatre District, is a haven for any art book lover. With considered monographs, magazines, and tomes on art, architecture, and photography, don’t be surprised if you walk away with a heavy stack of books in your arms and a considerably lighter wallet. If for some reason you should find yourself restlessly searching for something specific, all Koenig locations (with one in the Serpentine Gallery and the other in the Whitechapel Gallery) have access to the entire catalogue of the Buchhandlung Walther Koenig in Cologne for order.

Map x Macao

If you look up field notes on Macao, most often you find the best casinos, grand hotels, and luxury shopping complexes. But as we discovered in our 5-day excursion, this little peninsula proved to be more charming than its high-rolling search engine results.

With just 11-square miles of land, Macao is an intersection of a handful of cultures. Along the southern coast of China, 40-minutes from Hong Kong, you can find Portuguese colonial architecture, African-spiced national dishes, and a wave of westernized contemporary businesses.

This is an excerpt from an original post made in collaboration with Zio and Sons.

It’s difficult to put your finger on what exactly Macao is. With landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Paul and faded gems like Long Wa Teahouse, there is a strong sense of history. But a stones throw away, greeted with the comforts of luxury hotels and world-class cuisine, there is a perception of a foreigner’s city. At its surface, Macao is a place where tourism rules first. But with just bit of wandering and and open eyes, at its core, Macao is a city of cultures—its own and adoptive—making it an individually fascinating place.

Map x Manila

Looking down to the streets of Makati in this image from @kattsanjuan has us excited for the days ahead. Often considered to have that New York City character with a touch of Southern hospitality, there is much to discover in the Pearl of the Orient Sea. Keep scrolling as a few of our amazing users on show us their favourite city spots! #mapxmanila #finditliveit

San Agustin Church
Inside this UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Agustin is a Roman Catholic church which opened in 1607 and is the oldest church still standing in the Philippines. Located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila, it is a place to behold.—@iamronjosef

Designer Blooms Cafe
There are a lot of relaxing cafes in Metro Manila that I visit to unwind. Designer Blooms Cafe is one of those. This cafe is located in the South Metro Manila, Alabang. Aside from their good coffee and food, you’ll be greeted by the relaxing aroma of the succulents that they sell. This is a good place to spend time alone or catch up, hang out, and unwind with your friends!—@jayceduarte 

Inside the public utility jeep. “Jeepneys” are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They’re known for their crowded seating and kitsch decorations, which have become a symbol of Philippine culture and art. Originally made from U.S. military jeeps left over from World War II, modern jeepneys are now produced with surplus engines and parts coming from Japan. The jeepney rapidly emerged as a popular and creative way to re-establish inexpensive public transportation, which had been virtually destroyed during World War II. Recognizing the widespread use of these vehicles, the Philippine government began to regulate their use. Drivers now must have specialized licenses, regular routes, and reasonably fixed fares.—@rickcolin 

My Apartment
MY APT is all about modern minimalism with urban accents which portrays the cool and tough side of the Heima brand. Located in Suite 225 LRI Design Plaza, N. Garcia St. Makati City, it is the perfect haven for those with a more masculine taste.

Scarsdale Artisanal Delights
Scarsdale has wall art that displays the coffee bean anatomy, donut making illustrations, and their menu in beautiful typography. A long communal table on the second floor is a great place for meeting up with friends or working alone.—@klccheng

Cadiz City
Let's all go sit on a beach somewhere and drink until we fall asleep. If you want to escape the city heat for a bit, then venture to this sandy spot outside the Metro. Lakawon, a banana-shaped island in the northern portion of Negros Occidental can be reached just an hour flight from Manila.—@ice_vill

Ronac Art Center
One day, I saw a picture of this giant staircase and I was instantly fascinated by its unique and beautiful design. So I invited my friends to go to the Ronac Art Center to get a glimpse of it. I was told that the entire building's design was inspired by a mattress and this gigantic spiral staircase represents the spring. We had so much fun taking pictures of this beautiful masterpiece.—@chadjuego

Sweet Ecstasy
Late night grub? Discovered Sweet Ecstasy, this hole-in-the-wall alfresco style burger joint, that serves honest-to-goodness burgers, wings, and milkshakes. Here, we ordered the Nutella Oreo milkshakes, buffalo wings, double cheeseburgers, and their ecstasy fries (double cheese and sweet onions). Why not right?—@happytummytravels

The Wholesome Table
This is one of the more contemporary restaurants that circle around healthy and properly-sourced ingredients. The food is good and the interiors are stunning. I'd go back for the place alone.—@klccheng

Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago is a guarded citadel built by Spanish conquistador, Miguel Lopez De Legazpi. Several lives were lost in its prisons especially during the Spanish Colonial Period of World War II. Jose Rizal, the Philippine's national hero, was actually imprisoned here before his execution in 1896. At present, some areas of the ruins are used for theatre play productions.—@melaledesma

Heima Store
I love visiting the Heima Store early in the morning, around 10 am, just when they're opening the shop and not many people are around. It's always nice to start the day with some inspiration! It's a great little store packed with tons of colourful knick-knacks. Their Paper Club also carries a lot of my favourite publications from all over the world. I like stopping by, getting some pretty prints and pouring over them at brunch in one of the little cafe's that surround the area.—@kattsanjuan

Greenbelt is one of the upscale malls here in Manila. It not only comprises of fashion stores but also has a large dining option you can choose from (from high end restaurants, al fresco dining, fast food, pub, etc.). Its interior is my favourite, very minimalistic; it has a garden, small pond, and a chapel where families usually hang out.—@ronithology

Map x Chicago

In 1883, Mark Twain thought that trying to keep up with the city of Chicago was a hopeless endeavour. Well, Mark Twain never met @kessara. With her ever etherial photos of spaces and places, the talented photographer takes us on a beautiful tour of the City by the Lake. #mapxchicago #finditliveit

The Doughnut Vault
Definitely my favorite doughnut shop in Chicago. Typically there is a line out the door waiting freshly made treats. My favorite is the old fashioned.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago has one of the most beautiful staircases in the city. I always love capturing strangers on it.

Reno has a really laid back atmosphere for Sunday brunch. My favorite is their sugared grapefruit paired with an iced coffee.

Cloud Gate
Arguably one of Chicago’s most famous and popular landmarks, Cloud Gate is prettiest in the early morning, before the crowds arrive.

The Signature Room at the 95th
The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center gives you the opportunity to take in one of the prettiest views of Chicago while sipping a cocktail.

Skydeck Chicago
The Skydeck at Willis Towers (or Sears Towers for Chicagoans) is quite the experience for those seeking a bird's eye view of the city.

Heritage Bicycles
This is one of my favorite coffee shops in the city. It also happens to be a bicycle shop, repair place, as well as a general store.

The Coffee Studio
Doughnuts are my weakness. Another favorite, the Coffee Studio is one of my go-to places to get caffeinated and for some sweets.

Intelligentsia Coffee
Located in Logan Square, I enjoy this particular Intelligentsia Coffeebar because of all the pretty white details and the tunes they play. It's quite relaxing and all the baristas are friendly.

Parson’s Chicken and Fish
Parson’s Chicken and Fish not only has a great outdoor space with fun picnic tables and delicious slushy negronis but I also love their indoor space as well.

Nearly 40 million people visit this mid-eastern metropolis every year. After this weekend, we understand why. An exquisite thank you to @kessara for her arresting photos and for showing us the calmer sides to the Windy City. “Getting lost in capturing a moment or a feeling... Is it an illusion or is it real? At times, I can't separate the two. It's those in-betweens, the ephemeral... That's what I seek.”



We've partnered with Juice Served Here to create a series of four city guides from of their cherry-picked Trailblazers. First up, discover San Diego through the eyes of @melissasonico, a fiction/fashion/lifestyle/adventure writer from Southern California.

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Next up in our series of City Guides in partnership with Map, we venture the streets of San Francisco, though the eyes of @emmatheyellow.


Gourmandiet - The Butcher’s Way

Butcher by day, steakhouse by night. On weekends at Østerbro’s gourmet butcher shop, you can dine on an evening plate of staple meat dishes. It should stand to mention too, that the breakfast compilation of yogurt with homemade muesli, blinis with salmon, fresh fruit, and of course a selection of quality meats such as sausage, bacon, and ham. Set in the adjacent retail and dining room, candles and lambskin rugs set a cosy seating.

Rosenvængets Allé 7A, 
2100 København, Denmark
+45 39 27 10 00


Town Hall Hotel & Apartments


As the distinctive noise of rolling plastic wheels on concrete trail behind, we approach the stately manor of Town Hall Hotel & Apartments in London’s Bethnal Green neighbourhood. Outside its main entrance, we take a moment to look up at its quiet elegance. Stepping inside, we’re greeted with the grinning marble staircase and warm mahogany accents. Already we can tell, we’re going to enjoy our stay.

The hotel, aptly named after its former position as the actual town hall of the East End borough, feels slightly transportative. As though we've step back just a bit to a former hay-day. Navigating the dark hallways and studious corners with deep set leather armchairs to our room we open up to a suite with considerably more space than we've become accustomed to for a hotel stay. Inside the neatly designed Art-Deco quarters, all the comforts of the modern day lie.

Spacious rooms and beautiful furnishings aside, Town Hall has more to offer than just a stead. Upstairs for breakfast join other guests and End End locals in the Corner Room for warm English porridge and a brunch buffet. Across the hall in the Ante-Chamber relax in the rich interiors of a smoking lounge with a good book. And should there not be an event going on, pop your head into the Council Chamber for a glimpse at the old town hall’s authoritative glory.

For some contemporary fare, downstairs the Typing Room offers 5 or 7-course set menus for dinner. A changing menu, artfully plated dishes such as lamb with smoked aubergine, onions and yogurt, and raw scallop with dill and gooseberries are among what can be expected. And across the hall at Peg + Patriot, a bespoke liquor menu has cocktails for the discerning palate.

On the bottom floor, a 50-foot marble clad slimline swimming pool and fitness facilities are available to use of the guests until midnight. And let’s not forget to mention Dizzy, the hotel’s demure rescued Greyhound. Often be found soundly asleep in the halls, approach kindly and she’ll welcome any warm pets.

So although it’s difficult to leave the comfort of the bed, pick yourself up off the mid-century modern couch or come to terms that your skin has wrinkled from the long soaking bath, Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, while first and foremost an splendid place to stay, offers much more than just that.

Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, Patriot Square, London E2 9NF, United Kingdom, +44 20 7871 0460,


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The fine folks at Bloom Studio in San Francisco, CA.

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Fabian Molina
Darryl Kirchner
Micah Baro
Mark De Rutte

Allie M. Taylor
Dan Cohen


Dan Cohen not only took that photo, but helped us scout some fantastic locations on Mt. Tam. Thank you Dan!



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