In February 2016, Facet will be featuring the Philippines as a top travel destination. They are actively looking for locals that have amazing taste in travel, a talent for producing quality mobile videos, and a passion for sharing their local knowledge.

As part of the F50 Voting Committee, we are tasked with nominating the Official Ambassador for the Philippines.

We are constantly inspired by your travel photography and think you have the talent, taste, and passion to earn this title. Our nomination will only take you so far, this next step is up to you.


Let's begin... 




Facet is a new programming platform focused on travel videos made for mobile. We're excited to invite you to the early stages!

Facet was created by the makers of Tastemade, the first digital food network. You might have seen their programming on Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and AppleTV.


become the
local expert.

Create 15 Facets of the Philippines
by January 25, 2016

Facets are 10 second portrait videos. We've nominated you because
we want to see your photography come to life in video.
Tag your photos #PHL.

Tips for Shooting Facets

1. All videos must be in portrait.

2. Capture ambient noise. 

3. Shoot like it's an instagram photo with motion (example)

4. Be steady. No shaky camera business.  

5. Multiple cuts, 2-3 seconds each

6. (Optional) Add music

7. (Optional) Record a timelapse

8. (Optional) Create a show and talk to the camera!

stand out
to facet staff.

Be active in the
PHL Chat Room.

Since you've been nominated by an F50, you’ll automatically have access to the
PHL Chat Room where all of your Facets will be published and shared.

Be active (a few minutes a day) and show your enthusiasm
and local knowledge of the Philippines.

Clicked on the Lightning Bolt to see enter the chat room.

On january 30,
facet staff will announce
the official ambassadors
for the philippines. 

Hint! You know you're on the right track if
you've earned a Facet Nation badge.

Winners will be featured throughout the
month of February on all of their social channels.
Additionally, the Ambassadors will have the
opportunity to work closely with Facet/Tastemade
to create even more amazing content.

Good luck and have fun!
Co-Founder of Map



Email puno@madewithmap.com